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Announcing FOSS and Crafts

By Christopher Lemmer Webber on Tue 14 July 2020

I wrote recently about departing Libre Lounge but as I said there, "This is probably not the end of me doing podcasting, but if I start something up again it'll be a bit different in its structure."

Well! Morgan and I have co-launched a new podcast called FOSS and Crafts! As the title implies, it's going to be a fairly interdisciplinary podcast... the title says it all fairly nicely I think: "A podcast about free software, free culture, and making things together."

We already have the intro episode out! It's fairly intro-episode'y... meet the hosts, hear about what to expect from the show, etc etc... but we do talk a bit about some background of the name!

But more substantial episodes will be out soon. We have a lot of plans and ideas for the show, and I've got a pretty good setup for editing/publishing now. So if that sounds fun, subscribe, and more stuff should be hitting your ears soon!

(PS: we have a nice little community growing in #fossandcrafts on if you're into that kind of thing!)

Interviewed on Ryno the Bearded

By Christopher Lemmer Webber on Tue 07 April 2015

I was interviewed on Ryno the Bearded in an episode with the curious title "My Origin Story". I'm not sure whose that refers to, maybe both of us, because we both talked about our backstories. (Though, I think if I was going to lay out my "free software origin story", it would probably include some other things... but maybe it would get to be fairly rambly. I've thought about trying to write up what that is before, but I guess there were a lot of "moments" for my free software origins, not any one moment like "I was bitten by a libre radioactive spider".)

I really enjoyed doing this one, and maybe you'll enjoy listening to it. It's kind of rambly and conversational and we came in with very little as in terms of questions, but I think I tend to do fairly well in that format.

I did cut off the end of the interview by saying I had to go to the bathroom though. Not really the most dignified of exits on my part. Oh well.

Interviewed about MediaGoblin on Frostcast

By Christopher Lemmer Webber on Thu 01 March 2012

I got interviewed about MediaGoblin on the excellent Frostcast of FrostbiteMedia. This happened over a month ago, but life has been intense, and better late than never in blogging it. Anyway, I talked to Jonathan Nadeau who runs the podcast, and even though FrostbiteMedia doesn't specifically say so, this episode is released under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 Unported. (mirrored here)

Anyway, I've given it a few listens, and I'm super pleased with how it came out. We talk about the motivations behind MediaGoblin, the underlying architectural decisions, and even a bit of my own free software personal history. It went by really fast... hard to believe the show comes out to about an hour. (It was also my first time being interviewed on a podcast or anything of the like before, and I had some dumb self-inflicted technical difficulties. Luckily, Jonathan was very patient.)

By the way, I have a lot of respect for Jonathan Nadeau. Jonathan is not only a free software activist, but also a blind user of free software. He's also starting a nonprofit called the Accessible Computing Foundation which aims to make the life of computer users with various disabilities better by improving the state of accessibility in free software. Very cool and noble goal. There's a good interview with him on this Linux Outlaws episode. Best of luck to you, Jonathan!