Why Obama matters

By Christopher Lemmer Webber on Mon 18 February 2008

Obama's victories last Tuesday were nothing short of spectacular. I'll honestly say that at the beginning of this campaign I didn't think he had very good chances. I'm certainly glad I was wrong.

I strongly support Obama because of these factors:

I honestly wish I had extremely interesting and unique reasons for why I support Obama, but honestly I think that others have articulated my views much better than I ever could.

No doubt that by this point you've probably seen the popular "Yes We Can" video. It's a nice video, and I encourage watching it, but it's all sugar, really. Of course, I've heard plenty of people saying that Obama's campaign really is just this: a sweet, digestible message of change which, unfortunately, lacks any real nutritional value. But I disagree.

If you haven't yet, I highly encourage watching Lawrence Lessig's video; I think it is the best description of why the Obama campaign matters, what kind of opportunity we have here, and why we shouldn't miss out on it. And if that isn't enough, then perhaps I can appeal to you nerds out there with Randall Monroe, of XKCD fame's, endorsement.

I don't feel the same about Hillary Clinton, not in the least. I know that if Obama wins the primaries, I'm going to support him the whole way through. I'm afraid that I just can't do the same thing for someone who voted for the Iraq war, has supported censorship, has shown an eerie amount of enthusiasm for taking lobbyist money, and who has displayed a highly slimy and deceptive campaign thus far, at least in the primaries.

That alone is almost enough of a reason to vote for Obama: his refreshingly positive and optimistic campaign. These last eight years have all but totally decimated America's standing with the international community. To fix such a mess won't be easy, and it certainly won't happen without a significant display of, well... change.

If you're in one of the few states that hasn't voted yet, please... vote for Obama.