Archives for 2020

Mon 21 December 2020
Vote for Amy Guy on the W3C TAG (if you can)
Wed 09 December 2020
Identity is a Katamari, language is a Katamari explosion
Wed 30 September 2020
Spritely website launches, plus APConf video(s)!
Sun 13 September 2020
Spritely Goblins v0.7 released!
Sat 29 August 2020
If you can't tell people anything, can you show them?
Wed 12 August 2020
Terminal Phase in Linux Magazine (Polish edition)
Tue 14 July 2020
Announcing FOSS and Crafts
Tue 30 June 2020
Some updates: CapTP in progress, Datashards, chiptune experiments, etc
Wed 13 May 2020
Departing Libre Lounge
Wed 13 May 2020
Spritely's NLNet grant: Interface Discovery for Distributed Systems
Mon 09 March 2020
What should fit in a FOSS license?
Thu 05 March 2020
Terminal Phase v1.1 and Spritely Goblins v0.6 releases!
Wed 26 February 2020
Content Addressed Vocabulary
Sun 16 February 2020
Vats and Propagators: towards a global brain
Mon 10 February 2020
State of Spritely for February 2020
Thu 23 January 2020
Time travel debugging in Spritely Goblins, previewed through Terminal Phase
Sun 19 January 2020
Terminal Phase 1.0