Firefox download day is NOW

By Christine Lemmer-Webber on Tue 17 June 2008

To celebrate the release of Firefox 3, the folks at Mozilla are trying to set a world record for most downloads ever in a 24 hour time period... aka, download day!

Well, download day just started (though their main page, at the time of writing, still says firefox 2). But you can get it now, while its hot, for Linux! OSX! Windows!

You want Firefox 3. All those memory leaks? Haven't noticed a one since I've switched. Plus better native deaktop integration, and.. have I mentioned the awesome bar?

Yes. You definitely want this.

Update: Firefox 3 is now properly appearing on the Mozilla homepage... when it actually loads, that is. At the time of writing, I'm hearing on IRC that downloads are between 3000-5000 downloads/minute.

Update 2: Oh hai, download stats counter! (Currently > 12000 downloads a minute... holy crap!)

Update 3: The world record page page is showing a lot more downloads than that other page is (by like, double). I wonder why?