I also work for the Internet now.

By Christine Lemmer-Webber on Mon 12 November 2012

MediaGoblin campaign wrapup image

You may have read it on the MediaGoblin blog already, but the MediaGoblin crowdfunding campaign was a huge success!

I have more I want to say on this subject, but for now I just wanted to echo Joey Hess's blogpost of similar name. And it's a solid fact now: from now till the end of 2013 I've basically been hired by people who believe in all of the ideas we were selling in the MediaGoblin campaign: that the internet needs decentralized and federated media publishing, that MediaGoblin is the platform to do it, and that we're a really fun project that can make this all happen.

The campaign has been an interesting experience, and I certainly intend to write more about it. I've never done everything else that used all of my skills so thoroughly... but I guess what I mean by that is coming up in another post very shortly. For now, I'm just basking in the awesome that we sold the world on a dream and I've essentially been hired by that same world to build it. How often do people get to spec out their dreams and live them?

Now I'd better get back to working on things! Got quite a lot to get done so we can bring this dream we're promising to life! Not to mention shipping out... and making!... all those rewards we promised. :)