Interviewed on Free as in Freedom

By Christine Lemmer-Webber on Fri 14 September 2012

I'm extremely pleased to say that I was recorded on the Free as in Freedom show and that episode is now out; you can listen to the episode here.

In many ways this feels like a real honor. A few years ago when I had just joined at Creative Commons I listened to Mike Linksvayer speak as a guest on the show (it was called the Software Freedom Law Show back then, but it's mostly the same thing) and I remembered thinking that that was the height of coolness. Which, for one thing, I'm sure Mike will roll his eyes at that if he reads this blogpost, and for another, shows just how incredibly off my sense of what's cool is. (You know there's something wrong with you when the height of your week is when a new episode of an autogenerated fake news podcast comes out.)

Anyway, maybe because of that, it was both a real honor to be on the show, and also cause for me to be extremely nervous. I wasn't really nervous before the recording, and wasn't really during or immediately afterwards. But later after the recording happened I kept dwelling on a few things I knew I could have answered better: I gave a totally derpy answer as to why I got involved in free software partly because I was trying to troll Bradley Kuhn for not reading one of my blogposts (why I got involved in free software, and the question of how to get people involved in free software today, which I have strong opinions on, are posts maybe I'll make in the future). Also, my copyleft comic came up and Bradley basically suggested that I describe it and I totally avoided doing so, namely because I'm embarassed that it has the word "freetarded" in it (I think the word that's based on is a harmful and terrible one, but the comic text is partly based on some actual conversations I've had, and the comic isn't funny when rewritten any other way, as straw-man'ish as it is). And I finally also realized what my friend Asheesh meant when I complimented him on an interview he was on and he said something like "I'm actually somewhat surprised when people find the things I say interesting, because I've been thinking them in my head so long that I just assume they sound really obvious." (Not anywhere near an exact quote.) Also, we had just moved, and I felt kind of tired, and I was worried that that may have spilled through.

But I gave it a listen today, and I feel like the episode goes really well from start to finish. Not too derpy after all. But obviously you should give it a listen and judge for yourself.

Also, my life has been jam-packed lately. I'm not sure I've ever had such an intense number of things happen in a couple of months as I have recently, and I'd like to write some of it down before I forget to it. But as I mentioned in the podcast, I am neck deep preparing for the MediaGoblin crowdfunding campaign because I am trying to figure out how to be able to pay for myself to focus on MediaGoblin. So, a big "life update" post is due soon. But probably not until this crazy month is over!