Pycon 2008!

By Christine Lemmer-Webber on Wed 12 March 2008

So I said I was going to have the gallery done by the end of the weekend, and that didn't happen, because smash brothers was released for the Wii![1] But I did say I'd have pystage released by the end of this coming weekend, and that might happen, because I might give a lightning talk about it at PyCon! But that will only happen if I finish things tonight!

By the way, have I mentioned how excited I am about PyCon? This year is extra cool because:

I'm extremely stoked. There are a lot of really great looking talks to look forward to. Also, cool people like are going to be there, including Phil Hassey. I've already informed that guy that I plan on stalking him. (Does it count as stalking if you inform the person in advance that you are planning on doing so?)

[1] (To be fair, Jeff and I did bet together and do some concept work for the game, but we also played a lot of smash brothers)