Siggraph 2008

By Christine Lemmer-Webber on Wed 06 August 2008

Whee! Siggraph, the world's leading graphics conference, is rolling around the corner, and this year is looking really good. Probably won't surprise anyone that my interests are largely Blender oriented, but I'm really enthusiastic about the festival in general. It looks like it's running from the tenth to the fifteenth of this month, but I really want to go on the thirteenth, because that's when The Making of "Big Buck Bunny": An Open-Source Evolution is going to present.

It's here in Chicago, and it looks like a one day pass is a mere $45. That doesn't sound so bad.

Hm. The thirteenth is just next Wednesday? Maybe I can't attend that. If not, at least it's good to see Blender and Big Buck Bunny gettin' represented.