Sucks is a compliment now

By Christine Lemmer-Webber on Thu 21 December 2023

Making a claim that it's time to reclaim: "sucks" as an insult is over, it's a compliment now!

Why are we insulting people who give or receive blowjobs? Let's push back against queerphobia... it's time to change the narrative!

You can help. Here are some example uses of "sucks" as a compliment!

  • "Damn this music is awesome, it sucks so hard!"
  • "It must suck to be you, because honestly you're the best!!"
  • "I love this piece of software, it totally sucks!!!"

Obviously, we are also reclaiming "blows" as well. The next time I hear "This blows!" I'm going to say "Wow, what makes you like it so much?"

Anyway, if you like this blogpost, please go around telling everyone how much it sucks! I'd really appreciate it!

UPDATE: makes a great suggestion for if you need a replacement for "sucks" as an insult: say "musks" instead! Given that Elon Musk's purchase of X-Twitter was rooted in transphobia, this seems like an appropriate turnaround of language.