Switched blog to PyBlosxom

By Christine Lemmer-Webber on Sat 03 December 2011

It seems like it was just a few months ago that I switched my blog over to Zine. Well, actually it was a little bit over a year ago, but I've barely blogged since then. :\

Actually the fact of the matter is that I thought that by switching from my homerolled blog to Zine that I'd feel less frustrated about running my blog because it wouldn't just be some homerolled software that I was running, and I could contribute back to some larger project if I wanted to. But Zine turned out to be unmaintained basically, I wasn't really interested in spending time contributing to it, and most significantly, I didn't enjoy using it. Not because it's bad software, I just didn't enjoy blogging in it, the same way that when I blog in Wordpress for work I just don't enjoy it. But lately I've been blogging for MediaGoblin (well, a lot of the actual writing is done by Deb Nicholson). http://mediagoblin.org is actually done using PyBlosxom (a project maintained by friend and fellow MediaGoblin contributor Will Kahn-Greene) and I've come to realize I really enjoy writing in a plaintext site/blog setup I can just keep in git.

So I switched over. However, I already had the site using Jinja2 templates for Zine and Ventriloquist (something simple but semi-neat I should really write about) so I figured that why not shave a whole herd of yaks and add a Jinja2 renderer plugin to Pyblosxom. So I did, and actually... I'm fairly happy with it. I also think this plugin could maybe be a cool direction for PyBlosxom, but... more on that later maybe?

In the meanwhile, most of the site is ported over, some embarassing things are cleaned up, and a few things are now also missing. Namely, comments and tagging. Tagging should be back soon, but I'm not too sure about when comments will be back. Oh well, nobody was commenting on here anyway. (I have the old comments stashed away on my hard drive but they aren't on here yet for now either.)

Anyway, that's it for now. Now I'd better write a whole bunch more blogposts so that this blog doesn't become one of those crappy blogs where people just blog about (not) blogging. I guess it already kind of is...