Talks and conferences in March 2012

By Christine Lemmer-Webber on Fri 02 March 2012

This month is going to be pretty intense... maybe I should even say "pretty insane". I'm going to be at three different conferences. Maybe I'll see you at one?

  • PyCon -- I've been attending PyCon every year since 2008. As with most years, I'll be on the video crew. Last year I gave a talk on Blender's Python API (video here). This year I missed the deadline to give a talk, but I will be giving a poster session with Deb Nicholson on MediaGoblin. (Deb handles most of our press related stuff, including writing up most of our blogposts. She does a really great job!) PyCon is always a fantastic conference, and apparently news of that has gotten around. This year both the hotel and admission to PyCon sold out a month in advance. Yow!
  • LibrePlanet -- This year I'll be presenting with Mike Linksvayer about Creative Commons. I suspect it'll be a fairly wide ranging talk, going from the 4.0 license process to bridging Creative Commons and free software. Unfortunately, I'm attending a wedding on Saturday, so I'll only be around for Sunday. However I'll be in the Boston area for a few days afterwards, crashing at Deb Nicholson's place. If you want to meet up, let me know.
    Not sure if somehow MediaGoblin will tie into this whole thing, but in a sense it's very pertinent to LP2012 since it started right after LibrePlanet 2011 (which I didn't attend), is a GNU project, and I started planning it immediately after LibrePlanet 2010 when I finished up my work with the FSF on Patent Absurdity (debuted at LP2010; I did the animations for the film as mentioned previously.
  • Flourish -- I'll be speaking at Flourish this year on (surprise, surprise) MediaGoblin. Flourish is a good conference, in Chicago, and really cheap. In fact, it costs nothing, and if you register in advance you can even get a free (as in t-shirts) shirt. It's a good "tech and culture of free software" type conference.

Wow, that's a lot of conferences! And a wedding! Yesterday my friend Will commented to Deb (whose life is pretty much nonstop conferences) "I don't know how you do it. I do a conference and then I have to hug myself in a dark room for a month to rejuvenate." Too true. I think after this month is over I'm going to have to reconstruct myself in a bucket for a day or so.