SLIB's topsort for standard Guile

By Christine Lemmer-Webber on Wed 18 February 2015

I found that I needed a topological sort algorithm in Guile, and it turns out that one already exists anyway in SLIB. Unfortunately, it seems that SLIB still doesn't work in Debian, and do I really want to depend on all that just for a topsort algorithm?

So here's SLIB's topsort algorithm, but with the hashmap switched over from slib's hashmap, which maybe makes it faster anyway. It was a pretty trivial change:

;;; "tsort.scm" Topological sort
;;; Copyright (C) 1995 Mikael Djurfeldt
;;;               2015 Chris Lemmer-Webber
;;; This code is in the public domain.

;;; The algorithm is inspired by Cormen, Leiserson and Rivest (1990)
;;; "Introduction to Algorithms", chapter 23

;;@code{(require 'topological-sort)} or @code{(require 'tsort)}
;;@ftindex topological-sort
;;@ftindex tsort

;;The algorithm is inspired by Cormen, Leiserson and Rivest (1990)
;;@cite{Introduction to Algorithms}, chapter 23.

;;@defunx topological-sort dag pred
;;@table @var
;;@item dag
;;is a list of sublists.  The car of each sublist is a vertex.  The cdr is
;;the adjacency list of that vertex, i.e. a list of all vertices to which
;;there exists an edge from the car vertex.
;;@item pred
;;is one of @code{eq?}, @code{eqv?}, @code{equal?}, @code{=},
;;@code{char=?}, @code{char-ci=?}, @code{string=?}, or @code{string-ci=?}.
;;@end table
;;Sort the directed acyclic graph @1 so that for every edge from
;;vertex @var{u} to @var{v}, @var{u} will come before @var{v} in the
;;resulting list of vertices.
;;Time complexity: O (|V| + |E|)
;;Example (from Cormen):
;;Prof. Bumstead topologically sorts his clothing when getting
;;dressed.  The first argument to @0 describes which
;;garments he needs to put on before others.  (For example,
;;Prof Bumstead needs to put on his shirt before he puts on his
;;tie or his belt.)  @0 gives the correct order of dressing:
;;@end quotation
;;(require 'tsort)
;;@ftindex tsort
;;(tsort '((shirt tie belt)
;;         (tie jacket)
;;         (belt jacket)
;;         (watch)
;;         (pants shoes belt)
;;         (undershorts pants shoes)
;;         (socks shoes))
;;       eq?)
;;(socks undershorts pants shoes watch shirt belt tie jacket)
;;@end example

(define (tsort dag pred)
  (if (null? dag)
      (let* ((adj-table (make-hash-table)) ; SLIB was smarter about
                                           ; setting the length...
             (sorted '()))
        (letrec ((visit
                  (lambda (u adj-list)
                    ;; Color vertex u
                    (hashq-set! adj-table u 'colored)
                    ;; Visit uncolored vertices which u connects to
                    (for-each (lambda (v)
                                (let ((val (hashq-ref adj-table v)))
                                  (if (not (eq? val 'colored))
                                      (visit v (or val '())))))
                    ;; Since all vertices downstream u are visited
                    ;; by now, we can safely put u on the output list
                    (set! sorted (cons u sorted)))))
          ;; Hash adjacency lists
          (for-each (lambda (def)
                      (hashq-set! adj-table (car def) (cdr def)))
                    (cdr dag))
          ;; Visit vertices
          (visit (caar dag) (cdar dag))
          (for-each (lambda (def)
                      (let ((val (hashq-ref adj-table (car def))))
                        (if (not (eq? val 'colored))
                            (visit (car def) (cdr def)))))
                    (cdr dag)))

(define topological-sort tsort)

Well there you go, it's in the public domain, so I guess you can just drop it straight into your project. Maybe Guile ought to have this included in its standard library? Lots of projects seem to reinvent it... maybe I should submit a patch...