ChiPy Talk on Miro Tonight

By Christine Lemmer-Webber on Thu 09 October 2008

I'm giving a talk tonight on Miro, which I've mentioned before, at ChiPy. Details are on teh wiki, but might as well duplicate them here:

Chipy's October Meeting will be our best ever.

Location: Skinny Corp, 4043 N. Ravenswood Ave. Suite 106

Date: Thursday, Oct 9th, ~7pm


: - Chris Webber: Miro, a free, open source internet tv & video player - KumarMcMillan - freebase, a free collaborative database with a rich API

I know of a few other people who will probably be giving talks but didn't update the wiki or announce on list. Also, you should come since I've been hired by the Participatory Culture Foundation to work on Miro full-time, so you can find out all about it!

What's that? I forgot to mention that I've changed jobs? Well, if you come to the talk you'll find out more! I'll update my blog to talk about it this weekend, but if you come tonight you won't have to wait as long! :)

Edit: Also, SkinnyCorp people are the cool people who run Threadless, which I know a couple people who read this blog are fans of. So visiting their office is one more reason to come!