Donate to Software Freedom Conservancy

By Christine Lemmer-Webber on Wed 03 December 2014

Hello everyone! It's that time of the year again, and many people are considering: who they are going to donate to this year?

If you are a supporter of computing freedom, there are a lot of great places to put your money. The FSF and EFF are great places, and probably the most commonly recommended (also worth your money!), though this year I'm going to suggest you also consider the Software Freedom Conservancy. They just launched a membership program today, and I recommend you join. I just did!

Become a Conservancy Supporter!

Whether you realize it or not, you probably depend day to day on some software that Conservancy helps support... which it turns out is a lot: Git, Inkscape, Mercurial, Wine, BusyBox... these are just a few of the many projects that are members of Conservancy. And Conservancy does a lot of stuff for their member projects! (Not to mention a number of things that benefit free software that don't even hit that list, including Conservancy employees spreading information on best practices and participating in efforts to protect the legal freedoms of all free software... I recommend subscribing to Bradley Kuhn and Karen Sandler's podcast Free as in Freedom... I've learned a lot from there, and am learning more all the time!) What I'm trying to say here is: donating to Conservancy is a real bang for your buck. :)

So this holiday season, join me in helping make Software Freedom Conservancy's membership program a success! Your user freedoms will thank you for it!