Don't Repeat Myself

By Christine Lemmer-Webber on Wed 14 December 2011

Today I went in for an exploratory surgery... a very minor outpatient procedure. Actually, I've never undergone surgery before. As the anesthesiologist put me into sedation, I handed the book I had been reading over to Morgan (one of if not the first programming books I had ever picked up, which was on C, and which I decided was time to seriously revisit). Morgan said to me, "Basically, you'll go to sleep before you know it, and then you'll wake up, they'll tell you it's over, and you'll be like 'What, already?'"

As I sat in the surgical room and started to space out, I was still thinking about coding, and my thoughts about coding must have started to shift over to MediaGoblin and its community. Suddenly I was at my computer. I started writing a blogpost, full of all the things I've been thinking about and have learned by working on the project over the last many months; my thoughts on community, releases, communication, everything. I ran it through ispell-buffer. I was super pleased with it. I was ready to commit it and push it over to my site.

Then I woke up to a nurse telling me, "That's it, we're done, you can wake up now!"

"Damnit," I mumbled. "Now I have to write that whole damned thing all over again."