Moved to teh Deklabbs (DeKalb)

By Christine Lemmer-Webber on Sat 11 September 2010

About a month ago Morgan and I left our wonderful apartment in Andersonville, Chicago, IL and moved most of our things to our new apartment in DeKalb, IL (or as my friend Miles calls it, "the Deklabbs", a nonsense name that's just silly enough to stick). Morgan has started a graduate studies and teaching assistanceship program at Northern Illinois University, and since I telecommute, there was no real reason not to make the move. Meanwhile my good friend Lunpa is currently moving into our old apartment in Andersonville. Oh Andersonville, I miss you.

The Dekalbbs aren't too bad of a place to live. It's a small college town, has a nice food co-op, etc etc. Except that I really don't know much of anyone. I've only found one other person in the area who is interested in programming and free software, and it's unclear if I can attend the university GLUG except as a presenter. In Chicago, my group of friends (aside from people I met at college and work) WAS the free software community.

Which all and all means I'll probably be back now and then to attend usergroups. After all, teh Deklabbs is only about two hours away from Chicago, and I have several friends who have offered me couch-space if I need somewhere to crash. Chicago, you haven't gotten rid of me quite yet.

Overall, DeKalb is not bad so far. It's a small, quiet, beautiful town, not too far from Chicago... oh and the rent is cheap. The rent is so cheap.