Interviewed on Ryno the Bearded

By Christine Lemmer-Webber on Tue 07 April 2015

I was interviewed on Ryno the Bearded in an episode with the curious title "My Origin Story". I'm not sure whose that refers to, maybe both of us, because we both talked about our backstories. (Though, I think if I was going to lay out my "free software origin story", it would probably include some other things... but maybe it would get to be fairly rambly. I've thought about trying to write up what that is before, but I guess there were a lot of "moments" for my free software origins, not any one moment like "I was bitten by a libre radioactive spider".)

I really enjoyed doing this one, and maybe you'll enjoy listening to it. It's kind of rambly and conversational and we came in with very little as in terms of questions, but I think I tend to do fairly well in that format.

I did cut off the end of the interview by saying I had to go to the bathroom though. Not really the most dignified of exits on my part. Oh well.