Things I've been doing lately

By Christine Lemmer-Webber on Sat 06 March 2010

I've actually been writing quite a lot and doing some rather interesting things. Unfortunately, I haven't really found much time to update here, so here's a brief recap of stuff:

As for that last one, there's no "real" prize for winning a Blender weekend challenge other than suggesting the title of the next contest, but this may be one of the thing I am most proud of anyway, because I think the final product came out really well. It is the first piece I've finished in Blender that I feel really happy with. More importantly, I redid the piece a bit after the contest. We got it printed and Morgan framed it, and we gave it to my father for Christmas. This was important to me, as my father is the one who got me interested in cartooning and animation at an early age in the first place.


There's an even much bigger thing I've been working on that's almost ready for public viewing and consumption, but it's not ready for viewing yet. But I promise I'll blog here when it is instead of waiting for an overwhelming blogpost. :)

In the meanwhile, my account is where it's at.