Video Game Sound Generator

By Christine Lemmer-Webber on Wed 11 June 2008

Check out sfxr, an awesome awesome awesome video game noise generator.

I've seriously been sitting here for the last half hour just goofing around with it. I legally shouldn't be allowed to enjoy this so much. If only the real world sounded this beautiful.

Hm. I wonder how hard it would be to use this to generate noises/notes for some home-brewed chiptune-like beats... but probably nobody in the world would like listening to that stuff but me.

Update: Looks like the same person is working on an unbelievably cool looking music editor/synthesizer called musagi which seems extremely well suited for such means. I hope this gets released as free and open source software some day.

Another update: Sorry to keep spazzing about the subject, but you should seriously check out this dude's article on how sound works. As someone who's never studied the subject, I find myself surprised to be mostly understanding this. Really an illuminating read.